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How to Prepare for a Full Mouth Reconstruction

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If you suffer from serious dental issues, a dentist may recommend full mouth reconstruction. This is a procedure that helps to improve the overall appearance and health of the teeth. The human mouth is made up of soft and hard tissue. Over time, the tissue can deteriorate due to tooth decay, injuries, or acid erosion.

When this happens, full mouth reconstruction may be necessary. This is a complex and lengthy procedure that can completely alter the position, size, appearance, and shape of the teeth.

What the Procedure Involves

A full mouth reconstruction involves restoration or replacement of all or most of the teeth. The process of reconstruction is extensive, and it includes the upper and lower jaws. The extensive procedure is usually performed by an oral surgeon or a general dentist.

More complex cases may require the services of dental specialists like periodontists and orthodontists. The reconstruction may involve dental bridges, dental crowns, full or partial dentures, veneers, or dental implants.

Getting a Comprehensive Assessment

Before getting full mouth reconstruction, the dentist will need to carry out an assessment. This is done in order to determine the areas of your teeth or mouth that need to be fixed. The assessment might conclude that you need new teeth or new gums, or your jaw needs to be fixed.

The dentist will discuss the prognosis with you, and you can decide when to get the procedure. The dentist can show you photos that will help you to choose the kind of smile that you desire. You will also discuss issues like how soon you want the procedure and the cost of the treatment.

Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

There are many benefits of getting full mouth reconstruction. One benefit is that you end up with a beautiful smile, which will help to boost your confidence. More confidence means more career and social opportunities. Additionally, the reconstruction procedure can help to ensure that you enjoy better oral health.

This means you get rid of decayed teeth, gingivitis, and oral bacteria. Improved oral health can reduce your chances of suffering from heart disease. The surgery also can help to alleviate serious headaches that are caused by jaw problems.

Preparing for the Procedure

Full mouth reconstruction can be complex and expensive, and you need to be well prepared for the procedure. If you smoke, you need to quit at least three weeks before the treatment. Smoking thins the blood, and this can lead to over-bleeding during surgery.

You should also reduce your alcohol intake weeks before the procedure. If you have any chronic condition or illness, or you are taking medication, talk to the dentist in advance.

It is important to realize that full mouth reconstruction will vary depending on the individual. The condition of your mouth will determine what needs to be fixed. The extent of the reconstruction will depend on different factors, such as your gum health and overall health. Talk to your dentist so that you can understand exactly what the procedure aims to achieve. The recovery time is determined by the extent of the work done as well as your general health.

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